• Hole 1
    The perfect par 4 starting hole. This medium length hole has ample room off the tee and a very approachable green. To the north lies spectacular, protected desert land.
    405 yds 388 yds 370 yds 359 yds 303 yds
    Handicap Mens/Ladies 13/13
    Par Mens/Ladies 4/4
  • Hole 2
    This is the first of four outstanding par 5’s. A deep wash in front of the tee beckons a solid drive, which provides a variety of options for the second shot.
    571 yds 545 yds 520 yds 476 yds 428 yds
    Handicap Mens/Ladies 7/3
    Par Mens/Ladies 5/5
  • Hole 3
    Perhaps one of the most challenging holes on the course. A large, scenic lake frames the left side, teasing players to hug it with their tee shot for an easier second to the green.
    406 yds 390 yds 369 yds 330 yds 299 yds
    Handicap Mens/Ladies 5/5
    Par Mens/Ladies 4/4
  • Hole 4
    Long and straight, this hole features fairway bunkers that may catch balls from going in the wash if miss-hit left. A nice, deep green is open in the front.
    460 yds 438 yds 399 yds 316 yds 330 yds
    Handicap Mens/Ladies 5/5
    Par Mens/Ladies 4/4
  • Hole 5
    One of many dramatic and picturesque holes, this short par 4 plays uphill. The large landing area is offset by a bunker that will snatch second shots that don’t reach the green.
    374 yds 352 yds 334 yds 315 yds 284 yds
    Handicap Mens/Ladies 11/9
    Par Mens/Ladies 4/4
  • Hole 6
    Among the best par 3 holes found anywhere, its steep drop to the green speaks for itself. For the less experienced player, there’s room short and right for an easy recovery and chance for par.
    219 yds 190 yds 169 yds 140 yds 110 yds
    Handicap Mens/Ladies 17/17
    Par Mens/Ladies 3/3
  • Hole 7
    This level par 4 has more room left than it appears. Good distance control to this deep green creates an easier birdie opportunity.
    431 yds 410 yds 372 yds 332 yds 332 yds
    Handicap Mens/Ladies 9/11
    Par Mens/Ladies 4/4
  • Hole 8
    This stunning hole is as much fun to admire as it is to play. On this true three shot par 5, the first hole plays to a wide fairway, while the second plays over a deep wash and up the fairway next to three surreal bunkers.
    586 yds 550 yds 502 yds 475 yds 472 yds
    Handicap Mens/Ladies 1/1
    Par Mens/Ladies 5/5
  • Hole 9
    The tee shot to this unforgettable par 3 flies over a water feature that makes its way from the distant putting greens and the 18th hole. A beautiful hand-crafted rock wall places the green on a stage that is most forgiving long.
    212 yds 188 yds 162 yds 139 yds 125 yds
    Handicap Mens/Ladies 15/15
    Par Mens/Ladies 3/3
  • Hole 10
    Reachable in two for many players, this is the shortest par 5 on the course. However, it may be the tightest as well. Accurate and smart play can result in a simple birdie.
    521 yds 515 yds 485 yds 471 yds 409 yds
    Handicap Mens/Ladies 10/6
    Par Mens/Ladies 5/5
  • Hole 11
    If there’s a headwind, this is sometimes a long par 4. Long fairway bunkers border the left side and offer flat lies for recoverable approach shots.
    447 yds 435 yds 411 yds 369 yds 338 yds
    Handicap Mens/Ladies 8/8
    Par Mens/Ladies 4/4
  • Hole 12
    Offering beautiful views of mountain terrain, this classic par 4 plays due east. A missed second shot results in a tough up and down from either greenside bunker.
    435 yds 410 yds 384 yds 361 yds 338 yds
    Handicap Mens/Ladies 4/4
    Par Mens/Ladies 4/4
  • Hole 13
    This medium length par 3 features a sparkling pond guarding the front left of the green. Bailing out short on the right can make for a good bump and run par.
    212 yds 176 yds 157 yds 133 yds 100 yds
    Handicap Mens/Ladies 18/16
    Par Mens/Ladies 3/3
  • Hole 14
    On this dazzling par 5, a rolling green ribbon of turf and soft bunker contouring capture your attention. A generous fairway awaits the tee shot, but the second shot should be played away from the multiple bunkers lining the right.
    552 yds 541 yds 527 yds 427 yds 427 yds
    Handicap Mens/Ladies 2/2
    Par Mens/Ladies 5/5
  • Hole 15
    Rees Jones calls this one of the great sleeper holes at Quintero. On this short par 4, a solid tee shot with many clubs will be rewarded with a short iron to a crafty, elevated green.
    379 yds 358 yds 339 yds 321 yds 284 yds
    Handicap Mens/Ladies 14/12
    Par Mens/Ladies 4/4
  • Hole 16
    The culmination of what many call the best set of threes found anywhere, this downhill gem showcases the artistic bunker design of Rees Jones. The large, deep green is flanked by an abrupt wash on the left.
    225 yds 201 yds 189 yds 160 yds 104 yds
    Handicap Mens/Ladies 16/18
    Par Mens/Ladies 3/3
  • Hole 17
    This wonderful dogleg par 4 will reward a long tee shot. Enjoyable and picturesque, this hole features a green situated at the base of a mountain where mining once took place.
    380 yds 363 yds 344 yds 314 yds 288 yds
    Handicap Mens/Ladies 12/14
    Par Mens/Ladies 4/4
  • Hole 18
    This par 4 requires a good tee shot for the best chance at par. Its elevated green is back-dropped by a peaceful waterfall and pond.
    434 yds 425 yds 404 yds 369 yds 319 yds
    Handicap Mens/Ladies 6/10
    Par Mens/Ladies 4/4

The Course

For a world-class golfing experience in the tradition of the world’s most celebrated golf courses, Quintero Golf Club near Phoenix offers players the opportunity for a pure game on a magnificent, secluded, Rees Jones-designed course. Quintero is known for having the finest playing surfaces, and the best multi-level bentgrass greens of any golf course in Phoenix-Scottsdale area, or any course in the Southwest.
Golf Course

Rees Jones-Designed Championship Golf Course

A master course designer, Rees Jones has carved a magnificent course out of a pristine section of lush Arizona desert. Quintero is a “must-play” course for any committed player, offering challenges in strategic bunker placement, with generous landing areas for those straight hitters. Rees Jones’ design is strategic and challenging, and was crafted with respect for the natural beauty of the surrounding desert landscape. From the tips, this top Arizona golf course will challenge even the scratch golfers among us with demanding shots from tee to green. The Club also offers members every amenity you would expect from a world-class golf course.

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Make a visit to the Club part as of your itinerary. Quintero can be the perfect location for your tournament or corporate event – expect an unforgettable golfing experience. Contact Us
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