Mark Sutherland is the Head Golf Professional at Quintero Golf Club. He has years of experience with individual, group, and junior instruction. Mark grew up in Michigan and has over 35 years of total experience in the golf industry including 7 years as a Head Golf Coach at high schools in Arizona and Colorado. He obtained PGA membership in 1998 and achieved special distinction in instruction and golf operations through the PGA Certified program in 2009. Mark enjoys coaching hockey, skiing, mountain biking, and spending time with his family while away from the club. Feel free to reach out regarding lesson options at one of the most relaxing practice facilities in the Southwest.

Phone: 928.501.1500 Ext. 103

Quintero Lesson Options

Individual Lessons: Individual lessons can be full swing on the practice tee, at the short game area, or a combination.

Playing Lessons: Playing lessons include a warm up session with tips and up to nine holes of on course play with coaching and course strategy discussions.

Individual Private Lessons

One Hour —————— $125
Half Hour —————— $65
(Additional students $50)

Playing Lesson

Two Hours (9 Holes) —————- $225

Lesson Series Options

6 hours —————— $600

Up Your Game at Quintero Golf Club

Whether you are a seasoned golfer, just getting into the game, or somewhere in the middle of the pack, golf lessons in Scottsdale from our golf pros can produce incredible improvements in a short time. Why? His approach is based upon years of experience working with countless young golfers, grooming them into collegiate athletes, with over $1 million in golf scholarships to date.

Every player is facing unique challenges, and your lessons are geared to address those challenges with solutions that work. Your custom lesson plan could include instruction on the following issues:

  • Alignment, stance, grip
  • Backswing
  • Follow-through
  • Improve slice
  • Improve hook
  • Improve push
  • Techniques for hitting a draw
  • Techniques for hitting a fade
  • Creating backspin
  • Dealing with sand traps correctly
  • Pitching
  • Putting
  • Strategy and philosophy

Golf Lesson Q and A

Why have a lesson, rather than learning the game other ways, such as books, videos, etc.?

Nothing is more effective than one-on-one instruction from a true golfing pro. A great golf game is based on the fundamentals, and our instructors will immediately spot the areas where you need help – along with assisting you in the specific issues with which you continue to struggle. No matter how many videos you watch – and they are valuable – nothing works better than working directly with a skilled golf teacher who sees exactly the problem – within minutes.

I have been playing for years – will that make my habits be more difficult to improve?

Not at all. The one-on-one factor, and the ability to see the difference in results when you correct a bad habit is an inspiration that you will never forget and will use consistently.

I am a beginner – is it worth investing in private golf lessons in Phoenix?

As a new golfer, you want to advance your game as quickly as you can. It is quite incredible to see players who have not been playing golf for years getting better results than more seasoned players – it is not “beginner’s luck,” but the fact that the player invested their time in professional instruction!

Why should I have individual lessons, rather than group lessons?

If you want to accelerate the process, individual lessons are superior. You will have personalized, one-on-one instruction from one of the leading golf teachers in the USA, who will work with you directly. The learning process advances far more swiftly this way – you’ll see immediate results.

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